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Zong 4G Establishes a Digital Lab in Gwadar to Support Female Students

Zong has always been dedicated to using technology to improve all communities


In order to empower the school’s female pupils, Zong 4G has teamed with the China-Pakistan Gwadar Middle School and is providing digital support to the labs there.

The company has offered additional support to the school in order to give it digital technology, such as a projector and screen, printing capabilities, and digital learning materials. As part of its ongoing efforts to lead the digital transformation in the nation.
The initiative is an expansion of a digital facility that was built last year. To give the students there a chance to learn about technology and how to utilize it effectively.

Faqeer Colony in Gwadar is home to the Pak-China Gwadar Middle School, also referred to as Faqeer Middle School.

A Chinese-funded program that aims to create a top-notch educational system in the region includes this institution.

The Zong spokesperson commented on the collaboration by saying, “We have a mission to guarantee Pakistan is fully digitalized. Our inclusive approach ensures that all of our kids, especially the younger females, receive high-quality digital education. In order to secure their competitiveness in the future in the more quick-paced technology world.

The Pak-China School’s administration was grateful for this because so few of their children had ever used a computer. They also thanked Zong for establishing a digital lab for their students.

“Zong’s Digital Lab has assisted the Pak-China School in becoming Gwadar’s only nonprofit digital school.

Our children are really interested in learning about digital technology. And they eagerly anticipate their first computer classes, according to Naseem Baloch, Pak-China Gwadar Middle School’s Head Coordinator.

We would like to thank Zong for their ongoing assistance and work to foster inclusive growth, he continued.

As the industry leader in social responsibility, Zong 4G has worked tirelessly to create a digital society that leaves no one behind and is making sure that connectivity gives the weaker communities the tools they need to prosper in “Digital Pakistan.”

Zong is dedicated to using technology to improve all communities and has contributed to the construction of more than 5 labs in the last 5 years.

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