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Zindigi, Powered by JS Bank & Chikoo Collaborate to Launch Financial Services for Small Businesses

With a design concept that emphasizes simplicity


Pakistan’s top small business management platform, Chikoo, and a renowned commercial bank, Zindigi powered by JS Bank, have teamed up to provide Pakistan’s first integrated financial services solution.

Through this arrangement, business owners have access to the complete range of banking services, including bill payment, payroll for employees and suppliers, and access to small business financing. They also have rapid access to monies received digitally. Additionally, free debit cards will be provided for electronic transactions and cash withdrawals for small business owners and their teams.

Chikoo has developed to make it simple for small business owners to handle every element of their company, including sales, e-commerce, accounting, logistics, marketing, payments, and human resources. This allows them to create stronger, expanding, and more successful companies. Business data ownership, privacy, and security are prioritized at the center of the Chikoo platform’s merchant experience.

Chikoo reiterates its commitment to providing enterprise-grade business technology solutions to the tiniest enterprises without compromising as Pakistan’s only PCI-DSS compliant e-commerce platform.

“Zindigi is all about listening to our consumers and giving them not only the necessary services but also the experience that makes their lives easier,” said Noman Azhar, Chief Operating Officer of Zindigi.

In an increasingly difficult economic situation, our partnership with Chikoo to offer wallet services for SMEs and an exclusive debit card is another step toward enhancing the resilience of Pakistan’s small businesses.

Small businesses, according to Salaal Hasan, Head of Ecosystem Development at JS Bank, “are the backbone of the Pakistani economy. In keeping with the State Bank of Pakistan’s mission, we are trying to promote the expansion of micro and small companies. Which will ultimately aid in the expansion of the overall economy. We anticipate that by democratizing access to e-commerce and digital financial services and fostering equitable growth, our cooperation with Chikoo will aid more than 5 million small enterprises in Pakistan.

Co-founder of Chikoo Raza Matin stated, “We have created a merchant platform in Chikoo that gives the tiniest businesses access to capabilities that were previously only available to huge organizations. Tens of thousands of merchants have signed up and have been using Chikoo to improve their businesses over the past year. But the difficult process of opening bank accounts, setting up digital payments, and gaining access to financing kept coming up in our conversations with customers, particularly women.

In collaboration with our partners at JS Bank Zindigi. We set out to rethink how financial services could be provided to business owners after becoming dissatisfied with the current merchant experience.

The co-founder of Chikoo, Faizan Siddiqi, noted that “going beyond just adding branches and issuing new debit cards to successfully expand financial services to the lowest aggregated economic unit (small companies) demands a solution-oriented approach. Real business difficulties must be addressed.  Which for small business owners may be as easy as recognizing the value of your current inventory or making sure there will be enough money for payroll at the end of the month. We think we can assist millions of small business owners in the area in unlocking growth. And better economic outcomes for themselves by fusing technology, intuitive design, and financial services.

Furthermore, with a design concept that emphasizes simplicity, Zindigi provides services to the next generation of consumers. Within a fully configurable app interface, loaded with the most cutting-edge product suite on the market, including investments in stocks, mutual funds, requests for money, etc.

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