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ZeroSlip Introduces Smart Receipt in Pakistan

Smart Receipt is a great initiative by Khurram Bashir, who addresses all of the negative concerns of unnecessarily using paper. 

smart receipt
smart receipt

ZeroSlip introduces a Smart Receipt in Pakistan, a great initiative taken by the Founder, Khurram Bashir, who addresses all of the negative concerns of using paper unnecessarily.

Khurram has taken a pragmatic approach to dealing with paper receipts and came up with the idea of ZeroSlip – a smart receipt, to minimize the extensive use of paper.

ZeroSlip, a smart receipt, is a smart switch for businesses to switch from paper receipts to smart receipts. Once customers pay during the checkout process, they can get the smart receipt via SMS by providing their contact number.

The customer will then receive the link via SMS which will also be saved automatically on the ZeroSlip App. What makes ZeroSlip interesting is that there will be a dynamic barcode on the receipt which is useful in case of refunds or returns.

Moreover, retailers can interact with customers through ZeroSlip Smart Receipt and enrich data through its feature of clickable social media icons.

This feature will let the customers to leave their reviews and feedback about their experience with the retailer which will be added to the retailer’s google reviews. ZeroSlip will also have a feature of Warranty Reminders for its customers.

Everyone is too busy with their lives that who has the time to remember the dates of warranty? ZeroSlip has made it easy for you.

When the warranty end date is near, the customer will get a message as a reminder.


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