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Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. (ZTBL) Signs Avanza Solutions for Unison Ace

ZTBL will be able to manage client connections across all channels and services smoothly thanks to Avanza's Unison Ace.

Zarai Taraqiati Bank

In order to maintain customer connections across all channels and services indefinitely, Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. (ZTBL) has contracted Avanza Solutions for Unison Ace, a premium AI-powered CRM, CEM, or CXM platform. Unison Ace is a cutting-edge CEM/CXM Platform to help businesses compete in today’s market.

Present at the signing ceremony were:  Muhammad Taqi, Regional Manager-Asia Pacific, Danish Farooque, Group Head Professional Services, Razi Hassan, Group Head Support Services, Jalil Ahmed Farooqui, Group Head Sales & Business Development, Omer Ahmed Khan, CEO – Avanza Solutions; and From Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited side, Aamir Zaffar Chaudry, Group Head (General Services Division, Digital Banking Division & Information Systems Division), Muhammad Rehmatullah Khan, (Head Social Media & Contact Center), Muhammad Imran, (Head Digital Transformation Department).

Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) has signed Avanza Solutions for Unison Ace, An AI-powered premium CRM, CEM, or CXM platform to manage customer relationships across all channels and services endlessly.

ZTBL has been using the Enterprise Payment Solution, RAAST by Avanza Solutions, as a Common Payment Interface that supports ISO20022 and XML-based transactions processing capability with the Integration with SBP Micro Payment Gateway. Avanza’s RAAST implementation has extremely satisfied ZTBL, enabling them to trust Avanza Solutions. And we have earned that trust by providing them with a robust solution that assisted their business goals.

Unison Ace is an innovative and state-of-the-art CEM/CXM Platform devised to assist organizations competing in today’s business world. Avanza’s Unison Ace encapsulates several functionalities and empowers organizations to outperform in the industry by providing a wide range of opportunities to the consumer and the organization.

Furthermore, Unison Ace’s architecture is based on the next-generation technology stack, providing a personalized view of customer information gathered from all touchpoints and offering users an extensive range of opportunities through its AI-efficient system. Some of the known banks are below where Avanza Solutions has deployed their holistic CRM platform:

  1. Bank Alfalah
  2. Meezan Bank
  3. Faysal Bank
  4. Dubai Islamic Bank
  5. Islamic Bank
  6. Habib Bank Limited
Avanza’s Unison Ace will enable ZTBL to manage customer relationships across all channels and services seamlessly, assisting them to improve on their core competencies at a much faster pace than before.

Above all, the ZTBL will communicate directly with their customers via voice inbound & outbound, web chat, social media listening & management, and operations portal, to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their services on all fronts. Moreover, the bank will securely manage customer data across all touchpoints more efficiently to optimize its customer experience through personalization with the features like Lead Management, Knowledge Base, Email Management, E-Learning Module, CTI integration with Telephony Platform, and much more.

Avanza Solutions is an organization pioneering in agile platforms and serves 350+ clients in over 45 countries, with over 500+ deployments processing 700 million interactions daily. With an experience of more than twenty years, Avanza Solutions has been providing digital banking solutions focusing on various sectors, including Banking, Financial, Telecommunications, Governments, Retail, Manufacturing, and many more, enabling them to expand the business opportunities for notable achievements.

Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) is a premier financial institution geared towards developing agriculture by providing financial services and knowledge-based technical assistance since 1952. Through an ordinance of 2002, ZTBL has been re-constituted and incorporated as a public limited company solely owned and operated by the Government of Pakistan.

Avanza Solutions’ CEO – Omer Ahmed Khan, expressed his views and said:

“Our vision is to help organizations advance their business processes through disruptive technologies that reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance the digital experience through our agile approach to digital disruption. We believe this partnership will allow ZTBL to take customer interactions to a more advanced level through agile practices, making it an enriched suite of hi-tech digital solutions that maximizes customer experiences across all touchpoints.”

Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited’s Group Head – Aamir Zaffar Chaudry, expressed his insights on this partnership and stated that:

“ZTBL has signed Avanza Solutions to create a reporting channel, allowing customers to provide real-time feedback on their experiences. The bank aims to amplify this transformation process further and upscale it by creating a reliable and efficient customer reporting channel. This partnership with Avanza Solutions will provide safe and active communication enabling the authorities to collect information, feedback, and complaints to build deeper relationships with customers and get more out of every interaction seamlessly across multiple channels.”

Moreover, Leading software solution company Avanza Solutions has regional locations in Pakistan and the Middle East. They serve more than 350 clients globally, representing a diverse range of industries, with a focus on the financial and public sectors.

Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. will be able to manage client connections across all channels and services smoothly thanks to Avanza’s Unison Ace. This will help the company advance its core competencies much more quickly than previously and improve its ability to personalize and enhance the customer experience.

About Avanza 

The foundation of Avanza’s business strategy is the value of connections and the constant pursuit of larger successes. Furthermore, every employee at Avanza is committed to meeting the demands of every client. While fostering connections that will last a long time and benefit both parties. Their primary abilities are:

  • Processing of payments
  • Self-service banking
  • Card management
  • Customer relationships
  • Monitoring & control
  • Professional services

In conclusion, Avanza is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and holds CMMI and ISO 9001 certifications. Moreover, they have partnerships with Avaya, Teradata, Logica, and IBM and are development partners of NCR.

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