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Zameen.com hosts Faisalabad’s First Successful Open House Event

Zameen.com has always envisioned expanding its brand portfolio to embrace the entire nation


At its regional office in Faisalabad, Zameen.com, the top real estate company in Pakistan, recently held its first-ever open house event. The open house was well-attended by locals from the city.

Over nine extremely profitable mixed-use projects were presented at the event for attendees to consider. All of the projects that were displayed at the event have Zameen.com as their sole sales and marketing partner.

The occasion also included the signing of an MOU between Zameen.com and Al Bashir Developers. Under which the former will hold the exclusive sales and marketing rights for West Canal Residency. The newest high-rise development in Faisalabad.

Zameen.com The occasion was attended by Senior Director Sales (Central) Sheikh Shujaullah Khan, Director Project Sales (Central) Muzaffar Majeed, Al Bashir Developer’s owner Zaheer ud Din, and other pertinent parties. On the West Canal Expressway in Faisalabad, a high-rise project is being built that will include upscale flats.

Sheikh Shujaullah Khan, Senior Director of Sales (Central) for Zameen.com, spoke at the event. He said that developments like the ultra-modern West Canal Residency will improve the Faisalabad real estate market. He added that the ongoing event was another illustration of Zameen.com’s dedication. That is to provide the public with the most reliable programmes.

Zameen has always envisioned expanding its brand portfolio to embrace the entire nation. In order to give a platform for high-quality real estate projects to develop, according to Director Project Sales (Central) Muzaffar Majeed. The open house, he continued, is another effort to carry out this all-inclusive goal.

Zaheer ud Din, the owner of Al Bashir Developer, said at the time that the West Canal Residency project will not only be a cutting-edge construction with facilities of the highest international standard. But also will offer simple access to all the key locations in the city because of its excellent location. Additionally, he praised Zameen.com for being a cutting-edge real estate company with the resources to promptly and honestly market real estate projects. In addition, he added that he valued Zameen.com’s unwavering dedication and was looking to forge a lasting partnership with it.

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