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YouTube’s latest update aims to eliminate fake accounts

These handles will also be used to build a corresponding URL


False accounts on YouTube have long been a source of spam and false information. These accounts frequently pose as well-known YouTubers to trick users into disclosing their personal information. YouTube has made a concerted effort to delete these accounts, but it has recently found a useful workaround.

Similar to other social apps like Twitter, Discord, and dozens of others, the video-sharing platform has added “handles” to the interface. These handles are essentially named tags that are specific to a YouTuber, enabling others to recognize them.

PewDiePie, a well-known creator, might choose “@pewdiepie” as his handle, and it would be specific to him, just like it is on Twitter.

The YouTuber’s channel and Shorts will both feature handles to make them “immediately and consistently recognizable.” In order for creators to better create their distinctive presence and identity on YouTube. The firm claims that handles are “really unique to each channel.”

In addition to aiding in branding and identification. Handles will also be useful for mentioning content in comments, community postings, and video descriptions.

The new version has not yet been released, but YouTube says that when creators select a handle, they will be contacted “over the next month.” It will be the default handler for channels that already have a personalized URL. But they can choose to alter it as soon as they receive the notification in YouTube’s Studio.

The business has made it clear that a number of variables. Including “total YouTube visibility, subscriber count, and whether the channel is active or inactive,” will be taken into account when choosing a handle.

These handles will also be used to build a corresponding URL (youtube.com/@[handle]). On YouTube’s FAQ page, you may read additional information about the feature.

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