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 YouTube videos can now be converted into Shorts

A platform for sharing brief videos is called YouTube Shorts. Similar to YouTube’s main service, the platform hosts user material, however, it only allows for 60-second long clips. YouTube Shorts has received more than 5 trillion views since its debut.

However, in order to compete with TikTok videos. YouTube is now making it simpler for creators to format and adapt their lengthier films into Shorts.

The platform has made it incredibly easy to format films on its iOS and Android app by adding the “Edit into Short” feature.

On the app, creators may choose up to 60 seconds of the video to alter and add to a Shorts clip. Additionally, they are able to include text, effects, and more films from the Camera or Library.

The original long video will link to the short clip by YouTube as a promotional tool for producers. As YouTube delves more deeply into selling content on its platform, this is a crucial motivator.

Youtube also established funds to compensate creators for uploading Shorts.

The new feature, which only appears in the Create menu of movies that you have posted, cannot be utilized on other users’ uploads. Each month, around 1.5 billion people watch short-form content on YouTube.

While the video-sharing site isn’t entirely doing away with conventional lengthy videos. It is pushing artists to turn their old and new videos into short ones.

According to the company, only the original creator will be able to transfer long-form films into Shorts since other artists cannot utilize this feature in their material.

In its early attempts to monetize the platform for creating short videos on YouTube Shorts, Google has experienced positive results.

This week, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler stated that consumers are clearly watching and consuming more short-form videos across a variety of channels, including YouTube.

“On YouTube, there is still strong user engagement. Early shorts monetization results are also promising. And we’re thrilled about the possibilities “During an earnings call with analysts, Schindler stated.

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