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YouTube increases brand-specific audio and podcast advertising

YouTube will increase audio advertising to reach users of popular podcasts and music.


According to a statement made on Monday, YouTube, owned by Alphabet Inc., will increase the channels via which advertisers can access connected TV viewers and listeners of music and podcasts.

The statements come at a time when the advertising sector is struggling due to supply-chain disruptions and record-high inflation. Which has led to a reduction in marketing spending from some firms.

According to Debbie Weinstein, vice president of global advertiser solutions for Google and YouTube. This has caused advertisers to become “laser-focused” on the kinds of marketing that will reach new customers and increase product sales.

They are interested in learning what works and how to increase their efforts, she said.

The online video platform announced that it would increase audio advertising around the globe to enable businesses to target users who use YouTube to listen to music or podcasts.

According to the firm, which cited an Edison Research research, despite being better renowned for watching videos. YouTube is the second-most popular service for listening to podcasts.

When consumers watch videos on internet-connected TVs or other devices. The platform will also provide a new package of advertising placements called “Moment Blast.” Which will give a brand great positioning on some of the most popular YouTube content. According to Weinstein, brands can purchase the package to “own” significant events like sporting contests or product launches.

Furthermore, in an experiment earlier this month, YouTube required certain free users to switch to a premium account in order to view films in 4K resolution. Because of user outrage, the business has now stopped this test.

According to a tweet from YouTube, “viewers should now be able to enjoy 4K quality resolutions without Premium membership,” the trial has come to an end.

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