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YouTube Announces 100bn Fund for “Shorts” Video Creators


YouTube has announced a $100 million fund for content creators who are creating “YouTube Shorts”. According to YouTube, the fund will be launched in the next few months and will be paying creators next year. The company will be inviting those creators who are eligible for the fund. Moreover, the amount distributed will be between $100 to $10,000 and based on the views that the short videos will get monthly.

YouTube has also announced that those channels will be eligible who have uploaded at least one short video in the last 180 days.  They must also adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines and copyright rules, and videos with watermarks or logos from “third-party social media platforms”. Videos that are un-original or reuploaded from other channels will not be eligible.

The fund will be given to those creators residing in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, India, the United Kingdom, the US, and more. Creators over the age of 13 years will be able to receive the fund.

“The Shorts Fund is the first step in our journey to build a monetization model for Shorts on YouTube and is not limited to just creators in the YouTube Partner Program,” said Robert Kyncl, chief business officer at YouTube

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