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YAP Selects Euronet Pakistan as their Technology Partner


Dubai-based fintech YAP has chosen Euronet Pakistan as its technology partner to set up and run an EMI in Pakistan.

YAP is the leader in digital banking in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

The UAE-based startup YAP was launched back in 2018. As a result, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, and Pakistan have all become new markets for business.

YAP Pakistan, being a branch of YAP, aims to be the best digital banking platform in Pakistan and make banking easier for everyone there.

YAP Pakistan will use Euronet’s hosted card management system, e-commerce platform, and payment scheme gateways for virtual and physical cards, digital customer onboarding, card lifecycle management, and transaction processing under this arrangement.

YAP Pakistan would also benefit from an integrated payment solution based on Euronet’s global expertise, innovative technological stack, solid risk management, and international information security standards.

Euronet has a PCI compliant hosted infrastructure in Pakistan and is well equipped to offer the best blend of technology components, innovative product set and operational readiness for fintechs and digital banks which can help them innovate, scale, and fast track their implementation and time to market, with guaranteed service levels and strong risk management.

Commenting at the occasion, Kashif Gaya, Chief Executive Officer of Euronet Pakistan, said, “We are excited to be selected as the technology processor by YAP and play a key role in their efforts to become the leading digital platform in Pakistan.”

He further said. “Fintech revolution is disrupting the market and this collaboration will help us foster innovation and growth in the local payments ecosystem and further accelerate the growth of digital payments in Pakistan.”

Meheryab Niazi, Chief Executive Officer of YAP Pakistan, said, “We are thrilled to form this strategic partnership with Euronet.

This collaboration has been a very seamless process and we are excited to revolutionize the digital banking sector with our new partners.”

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