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Wow Health’s Second Opinion – A Ray of Hope


Virgil, an ancient Roman poet once said, “Health is wealth.” I am sure you’ve heard this a million times before, but it is important to recognize the correlation between health and wealth. I am not saying that money isn’t important, as that’s absolutely incorrect. We all need it to live but at the same time, it’s true that we often take our health for granted. Which in turn, can affect our ability to live a rich life. We value health in the same way that we value time once we have lost it.

We cannot rewind time, but the good news is that we can regain health with quality healthcare services, good health professionals, and a positive mindset.

Sometimes, a person might appear to be physically in optimal health, but they may be going through something very serious, not apparent on the surface level. I know about a case like that.

A woman in her early thirties had an uncontrollable case of hypertension. Her average blood pressure was 100/180 and once it even reached 140/210! She’d gone to a number of specialists including cardiologists, gynecologists, and neurologists but they couldn’t figure out the reason behind her ever-elevated blood pressure.

This problem had been persisting for months and the young woman had lost all hope that she could be diagnosed, let alone cured. Instead of having a drawer full of cool gadgets, gifts from someone special, or beautiful jewelry, she had a drawer full of medicines and medical reports including blood tests, CT scans, X-rays, and many more.

Her friends knew what she’d been going through and would always inform her of any new healthcare solution that they came across, hoping and praying that it would help her out. One of such solutions was WoW Health’s Second Opinion Service.

The company promised to get a second opinion on complex health conditions with a panel of specialist doctors in the US, once you sent them all your reports and medical history. She was a smart woman and did her research on the company before handing over her case to them. 350,000+ US specialists were on board the platform and there were customer testimonials present on the website too. She still wasn’t convinced. So, she contacted customer support and asked them to connect her with an executive.

Finally, Saima decided to give the service a shot. It seemed reliable and affordable. As Saima already had all the medical tests they needed. She booked an appointment and sent all the required documents right away. She didn’t have the means to travel abroad to detect and treat her condition; so this was a golden opportunity for her.

The second opinion report she received, changed her life. The panel of US doctors that sat together to evaluate her case; came to the conclusion that the reason for her high blood pressure was nothing; but the reduction in blood flow to the kidney; due to partial blockage in the artery supplying blood to the organ for filtration.

Kidneys act as if the low flow of blood is due to dehydration in the body and release hormones; that stimulates the body to store sodium and water, in response.

So, our blood vessels fill with additional fluid, making our blood pressure hike up. The first treatment suggested by the US doctors was medications first. However, her condition didn’t improve. She was advised to have renal artery angioplasty and taking that advice, Saima’s problem was thankfully sorted out.

In conclusion, health is a very complex and sensitive matter. No matter how much wealth we have, if we don’t have health, we can’t enjoy it. Innovative healthcare solutions like the second opinion from US specialists can transform the lives of hundreds of Pakistanis; for the better, and thus, should be supported and encouraged.

Visit https://www.wowhealth.pk/get-second-opinion/ to learn more.

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