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World Bank Group Approves $100 million to Improve Sindh’s Literacy Rate


The World Bank Group has extended support in a bid to improve the literacy rate in the Sindh region of Pakistan. The Board of Executive Directors approved the $100 million in financing to help increase the retention rates of the students in the Sindh province and also to increase the overall literacy rate as mentioned earlier.

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The project will provide support to those communities that are particularly at a disadvantage and are unable to receive educational facilities. Moreover, there will be an increased amount of focus on reading, comprehension skills, and other skills that form the foundations of learning. The project called Sindh Early Learning Enhancement through Classroom Transformation (SELECT) will help to set the basis of an adaptive education system in the remote areas of Sindh. The learning will be further enhanced by the use of technology. By constantly keeping in touch with the students it would be easier for them to grasp onto knowledge when they go back to school in August this year.

Najy Benhassine, World Bank Country Director for Pakistan commented on the development saying,

 “School closures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have disproportionately affected children, especially girls, from low-income households and hard-to-reach rural areas across the Sindh Province, the SELECT project aims to tackle learning poverty in the Province’s most vulnerable communities. It will mainly focus on early learning and ensure a safe learning environment that is equipped for remote learning so that students can continue education in case of further school closures.”

According to  Shahram Paksima, Task Team Leader for the SELECT project the initiative will help more than 1.25 million students every year in the 12 districts of Sindh – especially in those areas where the female literacy rate is extremely low.

“The project will bolster the education system by training 3,500 teachers, 1,300 subject coordinators, and 600 headmasters who are responsible for resource management, as well as upgrade facilities in more than 500 schools.” – he added

Pakistan has been part of the World Bank Group since 1950. Since then they have provided support to Pakistan on various occasions. Currently, the World Bank Group has 58 projects under its wing and a total of $13.8 billion are underway.

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