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Why Big Data Adoption is a Challenge in Pakistan?


What is Big Data?

Big data can be thought of as a combination of structured, semistructured, and unstructured data that is collected by organizations. This data may be mined for information purposes and used in machine learning processes, predictive modeling, and analytical applications. The systems that are used to process and store big data have become an important part of data management.

The 3 V’s used to characterize big data are the large volume of data, the variety of data, and the velocity at which the data is collected and processed. Computers help organize a large amount of data and help to reduce the cost of data collection, storage, and information sharing. Over the years, data collection and processing have become simpler due to the advancement in technology. Data today is collected much more swiftly and is no longer collected through the traditional sampling method.

The Current Digital Scenario in Pakistan

Pakistan has undergone a huge wave of digitization in the past few years. It has quickly adapted to a post-covid world, both private and government organizations have introduced digital solutions to keep up with the post-covid scenario. Amidst the new normal Pakistan has seen a surge in the use of digital banking, teleconferencing, remote working, e-commerce businesses, and e-learning. Amidst all the inflow of investments in the country is looking better than ever.

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Regardless of the digital revolution in Pakistan. The big data journey in Pakistan has been rather slow. There are multiple reasons why Pakistan has not seen big data implementation in organizations at a desirable pace.

Why is Big Data Implementation a Challenge in Pakistan?

The first and foremost reason for not being able to implement big data in Pakistan is the lack of understanding from major stakeholders. Moreover, the lack of government participation has also slowed down the implementation of big data. The trends around the world show that there is a fast transition towards big data and is being used by the top market leaders. According to a report of MarketsandMarkets, the global Big Data market size will grow from $138.9 billion in 2020 to $229.4 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.6%.

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Countries around the world are using big data to make improvements in different sectors such as poverty alleviation, improving government-public interaction, enforcing the law, healthcare, agriculture, etc. Having relevant data helps to understand trends and make better decisions which can further help in making improvements to the government and private infrastructure.

Pakistan may be late to the implementation of big data but it is surely on the right track. With the Special Technology Zones Authority working on a smart city project, it is a real milestone for the tech sector. Data such as entry of vehicles, face recognition, etc, can be collected through these systems and used for analysis and decision making. During the course of the pandemic, big data and AI were extremely reliable sources to help the government chalk out plans to counter the pandemic.


The benefits of big data and AI are massive. However, it all comes with a catch – a collection of such a large amount of data will always raise the question of data privacy and security. Governance of big data can be a real challenge too. Before the implementation of big data, it is important to pay close attention to any loopholes that can lead to data breaches in the future.

Big data has numerous benefits. But it is fact that data collection on every individual will leverage certain organizations (public or private) to peep into privacy tantamount to abuse of human rights. Moreover, the governance of big data remains a challenge. The recent hacking incident of the FBR site reminds us to fill gaps and ensure the security and integrity of collected data.

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