Home Technology Watsapp is Testing Innovative Features for its Users

Watsapp is Testing Innovative Features for its Users

WhatsApp is introducing new features for group chat

WhatsApp is in the process of testing a new feature. It is conducting various experiments that will allow group chat moderators to delete all messages sent by chat members.

WA Beta Info has revealed the latest update which states that this feature will allow group admins to have more control over group chat conditionally. Once a message has been deleted, the text “It was deleted by an administrator” will be delivered.

When this feature is enabled and workable, and you delete incoming messages for everyone in the group, other people will read who deleted the message, and this is what WhatsApp will tell you.

Group chat moderators will be moderators and will have the ability to remove members from the group. The messaging platform service wants to extend the time limit for each person, to delete a message by two days and 12 hours.

Watsaap new feature is in developing stage. Recently, WhatsApp introduced an emoji reaction feature that allows users to respond to messages with emojis.

Upcoming Features A major change is coming to the instant messaging platform since the launch of temporary messaging last year. WhatsApp group admins will  act as a moderator. In addition to removing members from the group.

Watsaap is  empowering group admins to control the flow of content within their groups.

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