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Vivo First Foldable Phone is Hitting the Market with Great Features

Vivo X fold

Vivo recently showcased its first foldable phone, the vivo X-Fold, to its global audience. Consumers expect efficiency from their phones these days and the foldable design of the X Fold ensures that. The device also comes with features for a more immersive experience like a crease-resistant OLED screen.

The vivo X-Fold is a new, innovative smartphone that can bend its screen to fit into your pocket. It has improved durability and offers the latest technology in foldable phones.

X Fold is a foldable phone with the following features: display technology, chip performance, battery life, and camera systems.

What is vivo X-Fold and what sets it apart from other devices?


The vivo X-Fold features a large curved screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9. This is one of the largest screens currently on the market, and enhances your viewing experience. The vivo x-fold has a top of the line display that displays high quality for 19 separate factors. With help from Display Mate, vivo X-fold is the first smartphone with such a pristine screen and is certified at the A+ level.

The iPhones include a high-efficiency display system which includes the highest brightness, the smoothest color consistency, and the best power control that can be achieved with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The Superiority of vivo’s Foldable Phone

Vivo X Fold’s 3D Ultrasonic Dual Fingerprint Sensors on both screens shoots out ultrasound waves, which can recognize 3D information. This 3D Ultrasonic Dual Fingerprint Sensor is known to achieve nearly 100% accuracy. it unlocks the phone 38.7% faster than traditional photoelectric fingerprint sensors.

This device offers ultimate performance and is modular so you can use it as a phone or tablet. You will experience better functionality and stability with the Triple Performance Engine because of its Snapdragon processor, which was built using a more precise process and has customized SPU’s.

The smartphone uses Flash Charge technology to charge in minutes and the phone will last a full day of use with a quick charge. The hardware-level innovations that make vivo’s first foldable phone stand out

The vivo X-Fold is designed with the active user privacy protection. It uses a variety of layers and large amounts of data to protect you.


EMUI 9.0 introduces a Thousand Mirror security architecture, this keeps your data private in all scenarios. The vivo X-Fold has a high-performance processor and runs on the Android system. Vivo X-Fold features a variety of features to facilitate multitasking: hover calling, hover watching, and more.

The vivo X-Fold comes with one stop office features such as Amber Scan, and Quantum Kit. with the amazing features you can do your work at the comfort of office.

Flagship ZEISS optics, exceptional imaging capabilities.

The company, X-Fold, is technologically advanced and helps provide industry-leading performance. With the help of features like ZEISS Optics and T*Coating, X-Fold also provides professional photography capabilities. It’s ZEISS Quad Camera setup with ZEISS Natural Color, Superb Night Camera, and Superb Portrait provide high lens performance and strong anti-glare capability. The high-resolution sensors help create great images with a lot of light and shadows.

New shooting techniques are making it possible to take better photos. Foldable phones have a waist-level viewfinder, rear selfie camera and Hover Photography Mode.

How vivo’s new phone can withstand over 300,000 bends

The hinge impacts the performance of foldable phones. In vivo X Fold has a high-quality hinge that can withstand 300,000 folds, maintain its crease control during testing. The vivo X offers excellent stability and shock resistance.

The vivo X-Fold has eliminated the common issue of a bulging appearance with its use of a waterdrop-shaped hinge, Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) and notched support. It has also brought a floating touchscreen.


Learn more about the limited release of vivo x-fold in mainland China. https://cxonews.live/ Vivo X fold

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