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US companies are increasingly preferring Pakistani developers


Companies operating in the US are looking to Pakistan to upgrade their software development capabilities. According to Jonathan Siddharth, CEO of California-based IT firm Turing. Pakistan is increasingly overtaking the United States as the #1 destination for hiring software professionals.

For those who don’t know, Turing enables companies to employ software professionals from all over the world. It identifies software engineers for employment with prestigious US corporations and pairs them with long-term positions. Developer remuneration may be negotiated, and Turing charges more for its services.

The business declared last month that it is refocusing on Pakistan because it sees great potential in the South Asian market.

For a while, it operated in Pakistan, but right now it is aggressively seeking software developers there. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are quickly becoming top contenders for expanding software development teams, according to Siddhart. These nations’ IT skill is a valuable resource that, by exporting their knowledge, may open up the countless potential for bringing in foreign money to the national exchequer.

Software development expertise has always been abundant in South Asian nations. So it is very encouraging that our nation is now receiving the attention it so well deserves. Pakistan’s IT and software capabilities are finally beginning to be highly valuable for American businesses, much like those of its rivals India and Bangladesh.

Furthermore, Shafiqa Iqbal, a data engineer from Pakistan, recently received a job offer from Google. She is currently working in the Warsaw location of Google Poland.

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