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Unchanged Petrol Prices by the Government

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The government of Pakistan has once again kept the price of petrol unchanged. According to the notification of the Ministry of Finance, the value of gasoline has been remaining fastened at Rs 149.86 per liter whereas the value of high-speed diesel has been remaining fastened at Rs one hundred forty-four.15 per liter.

The Ministry of Finance has additionally issued a notification for rock oil merchandise is unchanged until April fifteen. The costs of rock oil are unchanged from April one to therefore on. Review on the twenty-eighth Feb call of the Prime Minister within the fortnightly rock oil product costs can stay unchanged. Keeping the costs at the present level is feasible by the burden of thirty-three billion for the period (1-15 April 2022)

Prices of hydrocarbon oil, diesel, and lightweight diesel are Rs. 144.15, Rs. 125.56, and Rs. 118.31, severally as per liter, and therefore the current value of gasoline has been fastened at Rs. 149.86 per liter.


The govt. reduced rates by Rs. ten per liter on Gregorian calendar month twenty-eight as a recap the govt. on Feb fifteen, approve thee the best Rs. 12.03 per liter keeping visible the country’s economic scenario and world challenges.

On The, the world oil futures fell below $110 per barrel because U. S. thought of emotional one hundred eighty million barrels from its Strategic rock oil Reserve, the most important within the entity’s 50-year history.

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