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UBL, Euronet Partner to Launch Fintech Accelerator Program


Fintech is the use of business and technology to automate financial services. The recent boom of fintech has made a lot of companies adopt financial technology solutions and integrate them into their existing services. Recently, UBL and Euronet have partnered to launch an accelerator program for fintech startups that would help them grow and accelerate their payment landscape.

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UBL released a press release in accordance with the new development which stated,

“With a view to fostering innovation and growth in the local payment’s ecosystem, the programme aims to facilitate local fintechs in early-stage challenges such as onboarding, selection of the right payment processing tech-stack and in defining an optimal quick market roll-out strategy.”

Both parties took the opportunity to express how the collaboration would help them grow in the fintech ecosystem and help early-stage startups look for new opportunities to grow and accelerate their startup ventures.

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