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Twitter is Introducing ‘Collaboration’ that will Let Two Users Tweet at the Same Time


Twitter is working on a new feature called “Collaboration” The feature only works after one user accepts a request to collaborate with another. Twitter users will be able to collaborate with other accounts or brands on a tweet.

TechCrunch reported that the ‘Collaborations’ feature is yet to be made public. Information has been discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi, when two users co-author a tweet, their handles will be displayed on the top of the tweet, found a collaboration button added to the tweet composer screen.

Only public accounts following a user can co-author a tweet by Paluzzi. A screenshot shared by Paluzzi that you can check out above shows that Twitter is looking for a way for creators to partner with brands, a collaborations button will be added to the composer dashboard.

When the co-authored tweet is published, it will appear on the timelines of both accounts, visible to their respective sets of followers. Twitter introduces mechanisms featured that would prevent users from spamming the feature.

Twitter already allows users to tag other accounts in a tweet, but the tweet doesn’t appear Twitter’s collaboration feature will work based on request only. I believe that many people are looking forward to this feature, so it will be good once it is released.

The collaboration update will enhance user interactivity landing the tweeter towards a different dimension.

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