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Twitter Blue Subscribers Can Now Post Two-Hour Long Videos

Content producers may now more fully express their creativity and ideas by uploading lengthier videos.


The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, has created yet another stir on Twitter. After taking over Twitter, Musk wasted no time in launching Twitter Blue, a new subscription service that offers its subscribers a variety of exclusive advantages. Musk just revealed a fascinating feature that is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers: the capacity to submit films that are up to an astounding 8GB in size and 2 hours long.

Currently, only the iOS app and Twitter site support the feature.
Only the Twitter app for iOS and twitter.com on the web are compatible with this functionality at the moment. Android users don’t need to worry, though, as they can still take use of the ability to post videos that are up to 10 minutes long. For users and content producers who want to upload lengthier films and interact with their followers in more immersive ways, this advancement opens up new opportunities.

The procedure is simple for Twitter Blue subscribers who want to share a longer video. They just need to click the “Tweet” button to upload and share the movie with the world after navigating to the compose box on twitter.com and selecting the video clip from their device. Importantly, even if they are the maximum length, there is no limit on the number of movies that can be posted.

However, regular Twitter users will only be able to upload videos that are up to 140 seconds long, regardless of whether they are using the mobile app or the website to access Twitter.

Elon Musk and Twitter’s action demonstrates their dedication to improving user experience and delivering extra value to their devoted subscribers. Content producers may now more fully express their creativity and ideas by uploading lengthier videos, which encourages deeper interactions and dialogues among the  users. Elon Musk is stepping down as CEO, thus this could be his final significant action.

This might also bring up a number of difficulties and disadvantages. First, the larger and longer files would burden Twitter’s servers and infrastructure, slowing page loads and even impairing the platform’s overall performance. Additionally, the availability of such lengthy movies would encourage a flood of poor quality or irrelevant content, which would degrade user experience overall and clog users’ feeds.

In addition, the ability to post longer videos may increase the risk of copyright infringement and the dissemination of offensive or hazardous information. To prevent abuse of this function and to maintain a secure and interesting environment for all Twitter users, it will be essential to ensure effective moderation and content control.

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