Home Press Release Tufail Chemical Industries partners with Maersk to digitize the supply chain function.

Tufail Chemical Industries partners with Maersk to digitize the supply chain function.


Tufail Chemical Industries is a leading name in the chemical manufacturing business for decades and is expanding into global markets as well currently they are supplying to all the renowned consumer product manufacturers and also export to different countries.

Maersk would provide them with a digital tool to increase efficiency and productivity in the supply chain process, it will modernize the process and will reduce the time of work and human effort.

During the MOU Signing Ceremony, the Senior Leadership of both the companies were present and shared their remarks on this historic initiative.

Expansion of our business has led to increased complexity in our supply chains. Challenges such as lack of visibility on inbound shipments, milestones updates, documentation status, and communication with our suppliers became more prominent, and ultimately started impacting our day-to-day routines

Pervez Tufail

Co-Chairman, Tufail Chemical Industries

Every day, thousands of products are moving through our customer’s supply chain, on multiple carriers, coming from and reaching many supply chain partners and stakeholders. This complexity has traditionally been managed fully manually via spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls, which despite lots of hard work is leading to reduced visibility and control – and ultimately higher costs or lost sales. With ‘Maersk Flow’ we have offered Tufail Chemical Industries to take full control of their supply chain management and ensure that the flow of goods and documents is executed as planned.
Wajeeh Ud Din Ahmed
Chief Commercial Officer, Maersk Pakistan
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