Home Business Tribe Global Network grows in Pakistan with Activemedia

Tribe Global Network grows in Pakistan with Activemedia

Tribe Global is thrilled to expand into Pakistan with a new Member agency – Activemedia.

Firstly, Tribe Global is a growing marketing network of independent communications agencies and smart businesses. They believe in empowering you as an independent business.

Moreover, Tribe Global provides you with scale. They help you grow your profile. They share new business opportunities from around the world. Tribe Global stands strongly together to deliver business intelligence and competitive advantage.

Activemedia is an integrated experiential marketing and events agency that engages audiences and builds brands with real measurable experiences.

Further, Here is more about the award-winning, independent agency from its Founder and CEO, Saad Khan:

Our vision is to stay focused on technology & research, providing our clients with solutions that directly engage consumers & encourage them to participate in the brand experience. Activemedia aims at setting a global benchmark in terms of creating brand experiences for a diversified consumer market.

Our philosophy is to find creative ways for consumers to interact with our client brands, influence consumer behavior along with the path-to-purchase, and bring brands to life through the power of the BIG IDEA!

Meanwhile Activemedia is a large industry player in Pakistan; with an annual business volume in excess of USD 5 Mil; offices in five cities across Pakistan, and a team of over 120 excited people. We are also a panel agency for most Multinational Companies in Pakistan such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, McDonald’s, Morris Garages, Peugeot, Procter & Gamble, British American Tobacco, Vimplecom, Telenor, and Total Parco, and have strong relationships with all big local corporates.

Finally, don’t forget to check out their Instagram profile and follow them on social media to find out what they are up to!

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