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Trade Foresight – The First and Only Data-Driven Trade Platform


Trade Foresight is the first World’s First Data and Analytics-Driven Trade Platform. It provides companies with trade insights that facilitate informed decisions. Trade Foresight has offices across 5 countries, their aim is to provide analytical information through recognized data sources including World Bank, UN COMTRADE, WITS, MIT Atlas, etc. By providing in-depth analytical information and a complete horizon of econometrics it empowers businesses to do better and make better trade decisions.

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The revolutionary platform helps companies make smart and effective trade decisions and strategies. They have comprehensive data consolidated into a single platform from multiple sources which broaden the horizons of global trade for Traders, SMEs, Large Scale Industries, and Governments. Trade Foresight has access to 15 million authentic traders around the world.


The features of the platform include:

i. Trade Analytics: The platform helps users gain insights and help them in making informed decisions, spot problems, highlight potential risks and identify cost-saving opportunities that can support their business favorably.

ii. Country Analysis: Traders can plan ahead their trade and business activities efficiently for local and international trade and at the same time have access to insights about economic policies along with international trade agreements.


iii. Industry Analysis: Traders may gain access to insightful information about industry-specific market share, global demand, top exporting and importing destinations, and sub-industry analysis for products and services.


iv. B2B Marketplace: On-spot trading allows traders globally to place offers on trade listings and interact with thousands of registered traders.


v. Trade Agreements: TradeForesight provides access to a database of more than 600 multilateral trade-related conventions currently effective around the world which makes trading easy and powerful.


vi. Trade Advisory: This feature helps the traders to seek help on their trade-related queries and get data-driven conclusions.


vii. Trade News: Users can access the latest news for a diverse range of trade avenues.


viii. Trade Authority: Trade Foresight provides access to trade regulating authorities and trade supporting associations globally.


ix. Traders List: Via Trade Foresight you may connect with thousands of credible traders from across the globe to reach more trading partners for your business.


x. Authentic Data Sources: Global Trade Data from multiple authentic sources like UN Comtrade, IMF, World Bank, OECD, GTAP, WITS, etc. provides a comprehensive analysis on numerous aspects of global trade.


xi. Product Level Search: The product level data catalog enables the users to get detailed information on trading dynamics for any of the products being traded globally.


xii. Trade Guide: Intuitive Trade Guide helps the traders position themselves better in existing markets or tap the potential markets in reach.


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