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Toshiba shareholders support the nominations for directors, as takeover hopes rise

The shareholders of Toshiba Corp. are anticipated to approve all recommended directors in an effort to speed up a prospective acquisition.

On Tuesday, shareholders of Toshiba Corp. are anticipated to approve all of the nominated directors, including two from its hedge fund investors. This may be a turning point for the 146-year-old Japanese company and speed up a prospective acquisition.

In an effort to put an end to a protracted spat between the corporation and activist investors, Toshiba has proposed executives from Elliott Management and Farallon Capital Management for approval as independent directors at its annual general meeting.

Voting for their nominations has been advised by reputable proxy advisors Glass Lewis and Institutional Shareholder Services Inc (ISS).

The concept, however, has not been without issues and detractors. The candidates proposed by Elliott and Farallon have drawn criticism from external director Mariko Watahiki, a former high court judge, who claims their presence on the board will tilt it in favor of activist investors.

A number of local asset managers who own Toshiba shares Watahiki’s viewpoint, according to Reuters. The funds’ interest in backing a buyout over a longer-term strategic strategy came into notice by one of the shareholders, who added that “the scope of those shareholders (Elliott and Farallon) is probably far smaller than ours.”

A source with knowledge of the situation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Because the conversation was private, said that Watahiki’s protest is unlikely to garner support to reject the nominees.

According to hedge fund owners, the board appointments are one indication that Toshiba. Which has been looking at strategic options since shareholders rejected a reorganization proposal, has warmed up to the notion of going private.

The shareholder representatives anticipate joining the special committee of the board. In charge of the current strategic assessment. Furthermore, upon approval,  a discussion will next focus on whether director Watahiki. Who is a committee member, will keep that position.

This month, Toshiba reported receiving two capital alliance bids that would keep it listed. In addition to the eight earlier takeover offers.

Reuters claimed that the bidders are contemplating giving up to 7,000 yen ($51.84) per share to take the firm private. Valuing the deal at much to $22 billion. However, the pricing range was broad and with the attachment of other restrictions.

Furthermore, after rising 21% since the year’s beginning, Toshiba’s shares finished at 5,707 yen on Monday. Giving it a market worth of $18 billion.

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