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TikTok removes millions of videos of Pakistan

Bans are frequently imposed on deceptive content as well


Social media platforms frequently host content that is contentious and is quickly reported or removed. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok all often engage in this activity.

The short-form video platform has released its most current Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, which covers the months of April and June. Its goal is to “expand on its commitment to a multi-pronged effort to eliminate disinformation on the platform,” according to the article.

Over 113,809,300 movies from all over the world were blocked by TikTok during the second quarter of 2022. Only 1% of the platform’s overall material is uploaded on a quarterly basis, according to this.

15.4 million of these films came from Pakistan alone, placing our nation second on the list for the most videos removed in Q2 2022. The main justification for this was that these videos broke TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

In the first 24 hours after being uploaded, 97% of these movies were taken down from the platform. User complaints led to the removal of 98% of them, and 97% of them were taken down before receiving any views. Countless spam and false accounts were also deleted from TikTok, however, the number was not made public.

TikTok is not the only social network that deletes and blocks content from its platform, as was previously noted. Millions of videos are also removed from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Typically, the content includes explicit or sexual images that have no place on the platform. Bans are frequently imposed on deceptive content as well.

Social media behemoths are now much stricter about content management. Anything that would have been considered acceptable decades before is no longer judged suitable for the general public. Particularly stringent in this regard is YouTube. The video-sharing website forbids you from earning money from recordings that contain vulgar language or even the tiniest hint of nudity.

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