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The Rise of E-learning Platforms in Pakistan


Pakistan’s e-learning community has tremendously grown in the past 2-3 years. This has especially been true post-covid since a lot of educational institutes had no option but to restrict themselves to distance learning or e-learning. Despite the challenges that come with e-learning platforms Pakistan has been able to adapt itself to the educational structure that is practiced all over the world. There are still plenty of loopholes that need to be fixed but generally speaking the road to e-learning seems like a promising start.

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The widespread use of 3G and 4G networks have also aided in the increase in the use of not just e-learning platforms but also m-learning platforms. The rise of e-learning platforms took place in 2020. Naturally, Pakistan was unable to adapt to the scenario at once – it was a challenge for both the teachers as well as the students. Since then there are efforts made to train faculty members to improve the quality of education and the delivery of lectures. Moreover, the government is also making continuous efforts to get in touch with telecommunication companies to ensure smooth internet connectivity at affordable rates.

Here are some of the top e-learning platforms in Pakistan:

i.  Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP) 

If you are not talking about e-learning platforms in Pakistan, you simply cannot miss out on the Virtual University of Pakistan. It is worth mentioning though that the Virtual University has been working on e-learning long before the onset of the pandemic. The university caters to higher education to students who can receive a world-class education from the comfort of their homes. Students who enroll at the Virtual University don’t have to deal with the expense of commuting plus the fees are also comparatively less than other universities.

For details visit: https://www.vu.edu.pk/

ii. Taleemabad

Taleemabad is a group of parents, teachers, and school owners, who wish to transform the current educational landscape in Pakistan. Their goal is to see Pakistani students stand alongside those in South Korea, Finland, and Slovenia. Taleemabad doesn’t function like your traditional schooling system. Moreover, they are the fastest-growing ed-tech companies in Pakistan today.

For details visit: https://www.taleemabad.com/voice-of-taleemabad/

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iii. KhanAcademy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational platform that provides free education to students online. The platform was created in 2008 by Salman Khan whose aim was to educate students through online tools. The platform consists of short videos that are precise and help students get that last-minute prep. The website is full of practice exercises and other online material for students and teachers, both.

For details: https://www.khanacademy.org/

iv. Ilm ki Dunya

“Ilm Ki Dunya” is one of the largest e-learning platforms in Pakistan. It provides all kinds of information for students and teachers which ranges from educational articles, past papers, admission schedules, date sheets, information regarding admissions abroad, scholarships, and more!

For details: https://www.ilmkidunya.com/

v. Digiskills

DigiSkills is an initiative on the governments level that is on a mission to train individuals with the skills needed in the real world. You can learn a variety of skills on this website including Freelancing, E-Commerce Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Literacy, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, WordPress, Graphics Design, Creative Writing & SEO. The purpose behind learning these skills is for students to become more adept to what is happening in the real world.

For details: https://digiskills.pk/default.aspx

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