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The Price of Gold Reaching its peak in 2022

Price of Gold

The price of gold skyrocketed to the highest level in the country’s history. According to Sindh Sarafa Bazar Jewellers Association, the price of gold per Tola has increased by Rs 800 today. After the increase in the price of gold per towel became Rs. 800. 132,800. The price of 10 grams of gold has increased by Rs. Rs 686 is the highest price of gold in the history of the country.

Earlier, the gold price was the highest in the country. According to the 132,000 Sindh Barter Bazaar Jewelers Association, the price of gold in the international barter has dropped by ڈالر 2 to 192 1926 per ounce.

The people have strongly reacted and requested the government of Pakistan to reduce the price of gold. Jewelers are also worried about the rising price of gold.

Sources say that if the value of the dollar is not controlled in the coming days,  may rise further. Reaching the highest level of gold in Pakistan’s history also indicates the future of Pakistan’s gold market and jewelers in the coming years.

The government should take this issue seriously so that the people can breathe a sigh of relief. It is hoped that a solution to this problem will be found as soon as possible which will help in controlling the rising gold prices.

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