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The new Google ad hub gives you more control over the ads it displays

You have the ability to choose the brands and subjects you view or to completely turn off ad personalization.


Google is starting to roll out a hub this week after first unveiling it back at Google I/O in May. According to Google, this hub will give you more control over the advertising you see and the data it uses to target them.

When it launches, users will be able to access My Ad Center hub at myadcenter.google.com or by clicking the three-dot menu button on advertisements displayed in Google’s search, Discover, and YouTube services.

In a blog post, Google VP and general manager for advertisements Jerry Dischler stated that you will have an option to alter quantity of advertising you see for specific products and topics, blacklist sensitive subjects like alcohol, dating, and weight loss, or choose not to have your ads personalized. Dischler uses an illustration of choosing not to see travel advertisements if you find yourself seeing a lot of them after booking a trip you’ve already taken.
The settings for determining precisely which data Google uses to target ads in the first place are also available in My Ad Center hub. You can change audience category Google believes you belong to (think relationship or education status, for example). Additionally, you have a choice to instruct the corporation not to tailor advertisements according to your YouTube history or web and app usage, without giving up advantages these options offer when they’re on, according to Gizmodo.

These controls come in a variety of forms. The search engine behemoth offers gives users a chance to choose the advertising that is visible to them, for instance by choosing not to receive personalized adverts or customizing which characteristics and interests are used for targeting.

However, My Ad Center intends to provide a dedicated central hub with all of these options in one location, making them easier to use.

Google claims that this personalization is applicable to all devices on which you have a Google account signed in, as well as to other websites and apps that make use of Google’s advertising technologies.

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