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“The Intern”: Careem’s Senior Citizens Internship Program Making Rounds


If you have watched the movie “Intern” starring Robert Di Niro, and Anne Hathway then you will quickly understand where the concept of Careem’s senior citizen program is coming from. The internship program for senior citizens is an initiative to empower senior citizens by introducing them to the new fast-paced technological ecosystem. You would be surprised to hear that the program is based on the movie itself.

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People Engagement Partner at Careem, Bilal Soomro, commented on the occasion,

“These days, inspiration can come from anywhere and I am proud to say that we are using creative and unconventional sources of inspiration such as movies to introduce new ideas in the business world” 

He further elaborated that the inspiration for the program has indeed come from the movie and the concept will hopefully be able to fill the market gap. According to the statistics shared by HelpAge International more than 15 million people residing in Pakistan are over the age of 60. The average age expectancy has increased for both men and women due to rapid technological advancements in the medical industry and will continue to see the same trend.

Life after retirement can take a toll on individuals, it’s not just their physical health that suffers but their mental health too. Careem offers such individuals a great opportunity to be part of the ecosystem where they can benefit people with their experience and skill set. Better yet, Careem has laid out no strict criteria for individuals who will be selected. Out of the 200 applications received Careem will be selecting 1-3 interns who are willing to explore and grow.

Bilal Soomro further added,

“Most startups are afraid to fail which is why they don’t experiment with new ideas. However, at Careem, we are always encouraged to work on new and creative initiatives. Nobody ever tells us to not do something only because it might fail”

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