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The Insta Evolution and How to Keep up with it?


Since its acquisition by Facebook in 2021, Instagram has been a huge hit, especially among the younger generation. It has been a great source of lead generation for e-commerce businesses and has given influencers and bloggers an amazing platform to exhibit their talent. Today, Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users and is the 4th most downloaded mobile application.

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However, in the past few years, Instagram has seen a decline in its organic reach. The decline in the reach can be due to multiple factors such as the rise of other platforms like TikTok or maybe people are just bored of influencers or being continuously bombarded with sponsored advertisements. On the flip side, the reason can be simply because Instagram doesn’t want you to reach out organically anymore – yes, the platform wants you to invest in paid content. The same thing that Facebook did to attract paid advertisements.

Did you know that the organic reach on Facebook dropped from 16% in 2012 to 2.27% in 2015, and it is only dropping since then, same is the case with Instagram. The question is – Can you buy Instagram reach? The answer is yes. But don’t think that this is the reason behind the drop in likes, and engagement on your Instagram.

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According to social media gurus, Instagram is only favorable for businesses that use Instagram as part of a bigger strategy. Instagram as a solo platform might not be such a good idea. Therefore, it is best to rely on other platforms to build engagement. Your Instagram paired with a blog, website, or YouTube channel can help generate substantial results for your Instagram. Nowadays, building a content marketing strategy with a little bit of everything is what keeps e-commerce businesses running. Having the right mix will truly make a difference in your reach and engagement.

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