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The Founder and CEO of the largest car rental platform in the UAE. Is a Pakistani


Anybody in business today will agree with the saying, “Sometimes you don’t choose the industry, but the industry will choose you.” This became the case for Ammar.

When Ammar moved to UAE, his first major project was in Dubai, and the task was to design and create a website for a company called, Budget Rent-a-Car, which is one of the largest and top car rental companies in the UAE. The website went live in 2008, and much like his previous ventures, it was an instant success! This led to other opportunities, and he was contracted by several other companies to create their websites. Some of the notable names Ammar worked for were: Thrifty, Dollar, Super Price, Car Lease, Udrive, and that’s just a few. The sky was the limit, and the job offers were pouring in.

These weren’t all website deals either, some of the jobs included corporate portals, loyalty programs, apps, and even CRM for car rentals. He took great pride in being associated with their success stories, and it also helped him to grow within the industry. It was with this newfound information that he realized, even with all the tech in the world, some customers were still generally unhappy! Ammar seen this as another challenge, and he was ready to accept. There was room for improvement. 

Over the course of the next decade, Ammar learned, observed, and formulated a plan of attack. Why were the customers still unhappy? It was due to non-transparency that lay within the booking process. Customers weren’t too keen on having surprises at the counter, while everything else was offline, for example: document scanning, payment, etc. 

Ammar launched Finalrentals in December of 2017, with the purpose to build the most unique, streamlined, and top-notch customer experience that has ever been created for car rentals. Since virtually all the websites focused mostly on the same thing, airport locations, it meant that it was always a short-term deal that they provided.

What this meant for the customer was not only was it hard to find a long-term car rental deal, it was actually almost completely impossible all together! Ammar vision was to create a car rental service that was as simple as using an app like Amazon, or ordering food. Armed with the concept of CaaS (Car as a Service) to goal was clear. 100% transparency online, as well as offline. 

“I curated special deals with all the car rental companies in the UAE including all the top brands.”

Much like his other business ventures, it didn’t take long for Finalrentals to become a success. This car rental service has it all. One of the biggest perks was the free delivery straight to your doorstep when you place an order for a monthly car rental via the website or the app. The platform itself was designed to be fully digital, allowing users to upload their own documents directly online, which is where all the booking information is processed. 

Have you ever wondered about how many pieces of paper are made, used, or thrown away each and everyday across the globe? The numbers would shock you, as they stunned Ammar. In his research, he realized that millions of papers are printed every year, just in regards to car rental transactions, and even more are printed for every car rental booking as well.

The idea to do all of the paperwork online was an economically conscious move which made a huge impact on the environment.  When you book using Finalrentals, you save a lot of paper. Not only is this experience tailored to the customer, but it also has a positive impact on our planet. 

In just a few short years, Finalrentals is considered to be not only one of the best car rentals in the UAE, but also the biggest. The app boasts over 400+ locations in the UAE with an excellent selection of over 100,000+ cars ready to be rented out by using the app or by visiting the website, which can be found here: https://www.finalrentals.com 

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