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Telegram is Introducing New Features for Better UI Experience


More than 550 million people are active on telegram. After whatsApp, telegram is the biggest platform to connect people and help them to communicate with one another. Telegram is gaining popularity day by day among its users due to its unique features and facilitating connectivity.

With growing demand and popularity, Telegram has decided to introduce more features and better user interface to make interactions easier. The new update features a download manager that allows users to pause and resume downloads from a single page. Users can send any type of file of up to 2GB in size. When a file download is in progress, the app displays an icon in the search bar.

Telegram is also using redesign attachment menu feature where people can rearrange albums before sharing any attachments. The Telegram app on iOS has received more changes to the UI to sync it to the Android version.

Telegram also introduced Live Streaming Integration to help users manage live streams in groups and channels using external software such as OBS Studio or XSplit Broadcaster. Streamers can easily add overlays and multi-screen layouts to their broadcasts, turning their channels into a professional TV station. With the advent of more features telegram is hoping to grab more users and make its connectivity better.

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