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Tazah Technologies Launches Revolutionary Global Agri Sourcing Product

It is certain that it will also help to reduce the country's current account deficit.

On August 1st, 2022, Tazah Technologies debuted its Global product, which connects Pakistani agri-businesses and producers to marketplaces worldwide, after operating it in beta mode for a month.

Tazah Global is a significant element of Tazah’s vision to create an operating system for Pakistan’s agri-value chain. It is a platform that links Pakistan’s Produce to Food & Agriculture Buyers throughout the world.

Its goal is to address the global food industry’s main issues, including lack of trust, transparency, and quality. By making the food and agricultural value chain more efficient, trustworthy, and dependable.


With the help of its network of suppliers, Tazah makes it easier for international consumers of food and agricultural products to get affordable, high-quality Pakistani produce.

Tazah Technologies provides excellent customer service to its stakeholder while letting its supply partners handle the core operations.

For important agricultural exports, Tazah Technologies has so far established a network of over 100 reliable supply partners throughout Pakistan. To ensure quality and effectiveness at every stage of the supply chain, Tazah Technologies has also partnered with international quality assurance and shipping firms.

Furthermore, Pakistan’s actual agricultural potential will undoubtedly be realized with the aid of this product. Which will also help to reduce the country’s current account deficit.

Visit https://tazahglobal.com/ if you’re a worldwide customer wanting to acquire high-quality Pakistani products or an exporter trying to open up new markets. Join now by clicking the link below to begin a hassle-free new journey to buy from Pakistan or sell internationally.

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