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Tasdeeq assists FoodPanda in hiring it’s workforce



Tasdeeq assists FoodPanda in hiring its workforce.

Tasdeeq is an initiative by CPLC, Police & SPWT to help secure our households and communities, they aim to bring law enforcement agencies, employers, workers, and multi-lateral agencies on one platform to create a winning environment for the society.

FoodPanda is the biggest food delivery service with a global presence, they have a huge workforce, out of which the biggest chunk is of riders and delivery teams. To avoid thefts, scams, and robberies FoodPanda is using Tasdeeq’s service to verify the employee credentials and data and run a background check for any criminal activity in the past. This will help them create a system of scrutiny and check to avoid mishaps and unforeseen situations being in this risky business.

This is a great step towards creating a safe and secure system and Pakistan.

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