Monday, September 26, 2022
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YouTube Shorts may overtake TikTok with a stronger creator contract

The algorithm has nothing to do with the largest unsolved mystery in a short-form video. The truth is that you can't get wealthy on...

Ads frequency on YouTube to rise further

The number of ads in YouTube videos has grown. And now viewers may see up to 10 during a single video break. Viewers have noticed...

YouTube Shorts integrates with YouTube Music

TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts, just announced its intention to integrate music saved on YouTube and YouTube Music into the Shorts app. The audience can...

YouTube integrates podcasts in its Explore page

YouTube has added podcasts to its 'Explore' page months after a leak in March revealed the company's plans on creating a “podcast destination page.”

YouTube adds watermark to shared Shorts videos

YouTube has decided to watermark its Shorts videos which have been downloaded from its Studio Portal for creators, an update on YouTube's Community Center...

‘Channel Store’ connects streaming services

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube will reportedly allow users to subscribe to other streaming services through a 'Channel Store', mimicking similar moves by Amazon Prime...

TikTok to surpass Facebook’s influencer marketing

Video-sharing platform TikTok is expected to surpass Facebook's influencer marketing spend this year, while it will quickly also take over YouTube by 2024, reported Insider Intelligence. Instagram,...

 YouTube videos can now be converted into Shorts

A platform for sharing brief videos is called YouTube Shorts. Similar to YouTube's main service, the platform hosts user material, however, it only allows...

Govt. considers raising taxes on income from social media

Under the strict requirements of the International Monetary Fund, the government is expected to eliminate income tax exemptions in the 2019 budget (IMF). According to...

YouTube Announces 100bn Fund for “Shorts” Video Creators

YouTube has announced a $100 million fund for content creators who are creating "YouTube Shorts". According to YouTube, the fund will be launched in...
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