Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Google has Launched a “Reader Mode” for People with ADHD and...

Google has released new tools for the classroom, such as a new "reading mode" for Chrome that makes reading simpler for people with ADHD...

TikTok to expand DM options

Popular video-sharing app TikTok has expanded its DM features, including the ability to let any user message another. The company began sending emails to TikTok...

YouTube to share ad revenue with Shorts creators

YouTube's much-awaited programme which will allow Shorts creators to receive ad revenue, is nearly ready to commence from February 1. The company released a Partner Program...

YouTube reopens comments on auto-generated music videos

YouTube has reopened comments on art tracks that were disabled since December 2020. Art tracks contain sound recordings and album art, which helps to...

YouTube expands shopping features

YouTube said it is bringing shopping features to its TikTok-like short-form video service, as the Alphabet-owned company looks to fortify its revenue against a...

YouTube introduces “Go Live Together”

YouTube is planning to roll out a new feature that will allow select creators to go live with another guest creator on YouTube. The Creator...

YouTube Shorts Will Soon Be Easier to Find

Multiple aesthetic changes are happening simultaneously on YouTube. The big player in video sharing earlier this month released an Ambient Mode and a darker...

YouTube to certify health care providers’ accounts

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can apply to have their YouTube channels certified, the video-sharing platform said, in a push to limit misinformation...

YouTube adds video zoom, other features

Video streaming platform YouTube will be implementing a new design after 17 years, including new features that aim to create a "more modern and immersive viewing experience". The...

YouTube increases brand-specific audio and podcast advertising

According to a statement made on Monday, YouTube, owned by Alphabet Inc., will increase the channels via which advertisers can access connected TV viewers...
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