Monday, October 3, 2022
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US Bill Introduced regarding negotiation with Social Platforms

A bill to facilitate news organisations' ability to negotiate collectively with platforms like Google and Facebook was updated and released by a bipartisan group of...

US Reiterates Desire to Boost Cooperation with Pakistan in Diverse Sectors

US Ambassador Donald Blome says his country has a keen interest in investing and cooperating in the energy, digital services and agriculture sector of...

The White House Aims To Create The Next-gen COVID-19 Vaccinations

According to Stat News on Monday, the White House wants to hasten the creation of COVID-19 vaccinations for the newest generation. Future vaccines should,...

TikTok gives up on shopping livestreams

TikTok is reportedly giving up on its shopping live streams in the US and Europe due to poor response. Video-sharing platform TikTok has reportedly shelved...

US FCC commissioner has urged Apple and Google to remove TikTok...

A Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission has pushed Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google to remove Chinese-owned TikTok from their app stores. Brendan...

CEOs petitioned US Congress to pass China competition bill

Alphabet Inc, Inc, and Microsoft Corp executives urged Congress on Wednesday to support measures targeted at increasing the United States' economic competitiveness versus...

Pakistan exports pet food worth $1mn to US, Europe

Pakistani meat processor The Organic Meat Company Ltd. (TOMCL) has been awarded contracts worth $1 million to export pet food to Europe and the...

Gaper Rescues US from the Looming Tech Talent Shortage

Founded in 2019 by tech enthusiasts Mustafa Najoom and Ahmed Muzammil, Gaper today has managed to vet over 1500 developers and has facilitated businesses...
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