Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Twitter rolls out ‘Edit’ button for Blue subscribers

Social media giant Twitter has finally rolled out its much-awaited 'Edit' tweet button for Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The feature is...

Twitter Previewed the Most Requested Feature Before Official Launch

In advance of its eagerly anticipated launch, Twitter has teased its future edit button on its social networking platform for its paying subscribers once...

Twitter to depose Elon Musk next week

Twitter's lawyers are set to question Elon Musk in a deposition that could last up to three days starting Sept. 26 as part of...

Twitter reminds you to add alt text to photos

Twitter is launching a new opt-in feature that will remind users to add alternate text to photo uploads. Through the reminders, Twitter is trying...

Meta enables sharing NFTs on Instagram, Facebook

By integrating their wallets to publish the digital collectibles on Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow, Meta will now let users post their NFTs across both...

Chinese booster rocket returns to Earth recklessly

  On Saturday, a Chinese booster rocket re-entered Earth without being controlled, prompting US officials to criticize Beijing for withholding information about the potentially dangerous...

Elon Musk desires a February 2023 deadline for the Twitter trial

In response to Twitter's lawsuit against him, the legal team of Elon Musk said that Twitter was requesting an excessively quick trial. As originally...

Elon Musk hints Twitter employment cutbacks

According to the BBC, billionaire Elon Musk has hinted at the prospect of layoffs at Twitter based on the company's present financial state. Elon Musk...

Google engineer says Lamda AI has developed feelings

According to Google employee Blake Lemoine, who worked on "The Language Model for Dialogue Applications (Lamda)," the chatbot has become sentient since it can...

Google, Facebook, and Twitter to counter deepfakes or face EU fines

According to an EU document, Alphabet Inc subsidiary. Google, Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc., and other internet giants will have to make efforts to combat...
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