Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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2D Microchip Unveiled, Paving the Way for Advanced Electronics

A new age in microelectronics has begun with the first functional microchip integration of atomically thin, two-dimensional materials with unusual features. At KAUST, the...

Twitter enhances fact-checking with user-contributed context

Twitter expands its Community Notes feature, allowing users to provide additional information and context to images and tweets that may contain misleading content or...

Tradition to Technology: Rights of Plant Breeders in Pakistan and the...

Pakistan revised its patent laws in 2000 to comply with the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (‘TRIPS Agreement’), but it did...

Zong 4G and Roshan Packages Collaborate for Enhanced Digital Solutions

One of Pakistan's largest packaging manufacturers, Roshan Packages Limited, has teamed with Zong 4G, the nation's top digital provider, to offer customised connection for...

WindowsXP Activation Barrier Defeated After 2 Decades!

It has never been too difficult for anybody with enough time, desperation, or flexible morals to get around the activation systemof WindowsXP. The encrypted...

Meta Set to Launch New Twitter-Like Platform

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is gearing up to launch its own social media platform, often referred to as the "Twitter" of Meta....

MetaGPT Magic: Build Your Own Web App in Minutes

We have wonderful news for everybody who has ever wanted to build their own web application but didn't know where to begin: MetaGPT is...

Google Empowers Pakistani Developers with App Growth Lab Launch

Google announced the opening of the Gaming Growth Lab in Pakistan on Wednesday. The goal of the four-month programme is to find high-potential app...

10Pearls Expands Global Reach with Acquisition of UK-based Software Firm Symbox

The UK-based boutique software development business Symbox, which focuses on the media, entertainment, and telecommunications sectors, has been bought by 10Pearls. The acquisition increases...

Bill Gates Envisions AI Chatbots as Future Teachers for Kids

In just 18 months, according to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, AI chatbots will aid in teaching kids to read and improve their writing abilities....
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