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Tabiyat.pk Launches Omni-Channel Fulfillment Center to Serve Customers Efficiently


Tabiyat.Pk, Digital Healthcare Innovator, has successfully launched its first omni-channel fulfillment center in PECHS Karachi to make quality healthcare effortless, reliable and affordable.

The online store sells genuine prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as a variety of other health and wellness products. Purpose-built, temperature-controlled warehouses and a big stockpile of genuine medicine are used to accomplish this.

With a vision to simplify healthcare delivery, CEO and Co-Founder of tabiyat.pk, Asad khan, and Co-Founder of tabiyat.pk, Saad Khawar, established Tabiyat.pk back in September 2020. While commenting on the milestone of launching the first ever fulfillment center, CEO & Co-Founder Tabiyat.pk, Mr. Asad Khan said, “I think this is going to be fantastic. To simplify healthcare in a country like Pakistan, being online isn’t enough; we’ll need to open up more of these omnichannel setups to achieve our mission.”

He further stated. “The B2C warehouse has roughly 10,000 SKUs, and about 1,000 SKUs are added every month.” Supply chain management will be one of the company’s toughest difficulties.” Tabiyat.pk  is rapidly expanding its footprint all over Karachi as it first established its warehouse in PECHS and then expanded to 7 in total.

The warehouses of Tabiyat.pk are located in PECHS, North Karachi, and Site Area, covering a significant portion of Karachi and making genuine pharmaceuticals available to consumers everywhere. Tabiyat.pk is on pace to revolutionize the health-tech ecosystem with the addition of the B2C fulfillment center and the ability to serve both physical and online customers.

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