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SWYFT – The Last Mile eParcel Delivery Service Provider


At a time when businesses were struggling to cope with the changing customer needs like faster and same-day delivery, in came challenges like contactless delivery, zero cash payments, health updates, and more. Nowadays savvy customers want end-to-end transparency of fulfillment progress. They want to know where their order is, who is bringing it and when they will receive it. It does not stop there; customers want brands to ensure flexible delivery. Modern consumers are more loyal to brands that ensure a flexible online buying experience and make allowances for customer convenience.

Considering the dynamics of consumer behavior and in an attempt to improve their experience, SWYFT Logistics entered the logistics sector in 2019 with a wow to disrupt old practices. Bringing with them the digitization of the supply chain and new technology such as real-time tracking, along with several customizations like flexible payment plans for vendors which allow both big and small players to compete in the new, largely online environment. This exceptionally customer-centric approach means a new level of customer responsiveness setting a new much higher precedent for old and new players.

These advancements in the logistics industry in Pakistan also serve to close the gap between the rural and urban markets with Last-Mile Delivery Partners offering an ever-expanding network of hubs to its vendors and thus vastly improved delivery ratios.

Emerging as the significant disrupter of conventional logistics practices, swift has successfully transformed the logistics industry in Pakistan by staying a step ahead of its competition through real-time tracking, digital payments that minimize transactional delays, and by ensuring a delivery time of hours instead of days.


SWYFT is an award-winning, tech-enabled last-mile e-Parcel delivery service provider, primarily operating in the fashion, electronics, and personal care industries. Swyft aspires to reinvent logistics in Pakistan and connect people beyond possibilities. Its primary focus is on innovation, development of technologies and processes.

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