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South Korean rocket “Nuri” succeeds launch into space

By using a South Korean rocket to put a satellite into orbit, the country accomplishes a significant space milestone.

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By launching a satellite into orbit using a domestically produced rocket, South Korea achieved a number of firsts.

At 4 PM local time, the ‘Nuri’ rocket and the south Korean Satellite Launch Vehicle II took off from the launch pad at the Naro Space Center in Goheung.

The second attempt, after the first one failed in October, was the launch, according to the science ministry. The rocket had previously been unable to orbit the satellite.

According to The Verge, the primary satellite is carrying four CubeSats, which are tiny spacecraft that intend to ultimately orbit independently once they begin to separate on June 29. There is no associated military intent with the satellite launch.

The South Korean satellite’s launch on a domestically-built rocket is a significant achievement since it will aid its success in the space race.

After years of failure with its own rocket industry, which made it dependent on other countries’ technology. Reaching space is a significant milestone for South Korea. In 2013, South Korea launched its first satellite successfully from within its borders. However, the rocket it was mounted on was largely constructed in Russia.

According to AP, South Korea is now the tenth country in the world to launch a satellite into orbit using its own technology. Due to its capacity to transport missiles and surveillance satellites. Space launch technology is subject to international limitations, according to the news wire. North Korea has ignored restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council. Such as those prohibiting the country from sending rockets into space.


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