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Soorty And Reon Energy Announce Megawatt Scale Solar Power Project And Reflex Energy Storage


Soorty Enterprises and Reon Energy Limited announced a 6.26 MW captive Solar Power Project and 750 kW/369 kWh Reflex Energy Storage (sun oriented cross breed regulator).

The undertaking is scattered across areas in Nooriabad and Landhi. This undertaking will make Soorty the second office in Pakistan to hold an energy stockpiling arrangement.

This project will make Soorty the second facility in Pakistan to hold an energy storage solution.

Reflex energy stockpiling was sent off in October 2021 in Pakistan. From that point forward, different enterprises, for example, Soorty have taken to introduce the capacity to amplify their environmentally friendly power entrance.

The Reflex energy storage will maximize Soorty’s solar power project size by 71.2%, bring reliability to their energy mix and reduce powerhouse operational challenges by absorbing load and solar variations. The solution will be installed in a 40-feet container at one of their denim plants in Landhi.

The 6.26 MW Solar PV project is expected to produce approximately 9,198 MWh (Megawatt hours) annually. The output energy will be used on-site resulting in substantial savings for the company in cost of energy.

The energy generated will also cut around 5656 Tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions over the life of the project, which is equal to the plantation of approximately 229,950 trees.

Reflex Energy Storage

Reflex Energy Storage is a customizable energy storage solution designed to accelerate the transition to a resilient power system. Reflex is designed to facilitate the transition to an affordable, accessible, and sustainable energy system that resolves critical issues of a conventional energy mix. This smart energy storage can be configured for common industrial applications as well as for other specific applications, employing a combination of Li-ion battery and intelligent power conversion systems.

Reon Energy Limited

Reon Energy Limited is Pakistan’s leading industrial Solar and Storage solutions specialist. Reon brings with it unparalleled track record from local and international groups such as Eni, Unilever, Kohinoor Textile Mills, Fauji Cement, Sindh Engro Coal Mining, Abbott, Servis, and Enfrashare coupled with a dedicated team that provides the best possible solution as per customer’s needs.

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