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Slack increases prices to invest in innovation


Slack will increase prices for its platform, the workplace messaging app’s first price hike since its 2014 launch, as the company seeks to invest more in innovation.

The pricing change will go into effect as of Sept. 1, the company said in a blog, and will affect only users on Slack’s Pro subscription.

Eventually, monthly Pro subscriptions will increase to $8.75 from $8. And annual Pro subscriptions will increase to $7.25 per month from $6.67, according to the company.

Furthermore, Slack allows individuals to create on-the-fly group conversations.  It will also update its free subscription plan to make it easier for users to try new features, including clips; which allow anyone to send audio and video and screen-share messages in direct messages and channel.

Slack, owned by Salesforce, has become a common online workplace messaging tool used by many companies.

The Slack platform lets you extend, expand, and automate your workspaces. Cultivate conversation, inspire action, and integrate services by building apps or workflows.

The workspace is your sandbox, and this guide will show you some of the toys.

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