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SCB Conducts Roadshow In UAE

Standard Chartered Pakistan conducted a roadshow for Non-Resident Pakistanis based in the UAE.


Standard Chartered Pakistan conducted a roadshow for Non-Resident Pakistanis based in the UAE. This event was brought forth with the support of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

The Standard Chartered network is a key enabler and gives the Bank a unique advantage to information, the ability to create synergies and unlock potential through seamlessly delivering the best products to its client base while keeping them abreast of the latest developments.

The Pakistani diaspora has always been a core segment of the Standard Chartered UAE client base and regulatory initiatives like Roshan Digital have now integrated the diaspora into Pakistan’s economy.

The event offered a unique opportunity to the diaspora to gain insights into the growth potential of Pakistan and the various initiatives and opportunities available to them while residing abroad.

Key speakers at the roadshow included acting governor SBP Murtaza Syed, Standard Chartered UAE CEO Rola Abu Manneh, and SCB Pakistan CEO Rehan Shaikh. A panel discussion also took place where pressing questions of clients related to the country’s current economic challenges and future outlook were addressed by Murtaza Syed and others.

“Measures taken by the government and SBP took popost-Covid-19ept the country’s economy alive and growing,” Syed said.

“We have challenges on the economic front but I am confident that things will stabilize in coming months as prudent steps are being taken to tackle the current challenge of international commodity inflation putting pressure on our forex reserves being a net importing nation,” he added.

Rehan Shaikh was of the view that non-resident Pakistanis continue to remain instrumental in the economic growth of the country, not only as a major source of foreign exchange but also as a big source of investments.

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