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SBP Unveils Rs75 Commemorative Banknote

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) released the design of a commemorative Rs75 banknote in honour of the country's 75th Independence Day.


The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) released the design of a commemorative Rs75 currency note on Sunday in honour of the country’s 75th Independence Day.

According to the SBP, the note is signed by former SBP governor Dr Raza Baqir and will be issued to the public from September 30.

The State Bank unveiled the special note earlier today on Twitter.

The note is printed in green and white colours with portraits of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah along with Fatima Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan on the obverse side.

The images signify the struggles Pakistan’s founding members faced for the country’s independence.

The other side of the note features a picture of Deodar trees and Pakistan’s national animal, a markhor.

This image, designed by Sara Khan, symbolises Pakistan’s priority of environmental protection.

The banknote was approved by the federal government by the SBP Act 1956, following the recommendations of the central bank’s board.

The colour scheme, portraits and images, and the public service message were conceived by the internal banknote committee at the SBP and integrated into a final note design by the banknote designers at De La Rue, United Kingdom.

The Rs75 commemorative note is equipped with security features as with the other currency notes.

These include the Urdu numeral ’75’ which appears complete when the note is held in the light, PureImage security thread with pulsing holographic rainbow effect and micro-lettering of ‘SBP’ and ’75’, among others.

Moreover, the portraits and numbers on the note have raised printing, allowing identification of the banknote by the visually impaired.

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