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CxO Global Forum proudly presents Global Digital Summit in association with Salsoft Technologies


Gear up Techies for the Global Digital Summit 2021! The 5-day long Digital Tech summit will be held from the 8th Nov to 12th Nov and is bringing on board more than 300 stakeholders and global thought leaders. These are some of the most prominent people in the technology ecosystem who have contributed immensely to the knowledge economy and have made a considerable difference. The Summit will hit the major IT/ICT sector across the globe with the help of domain experts. The vision is to reach out to a greater audience and create an impact that could be shaped into digital transformation, disruption, innovation, and internationalization.

The Summit with the help of key sponsors will be able to offer all of the above and much more. The sessions will highlight the importance of Global Payment Systems and the ease they have provided in doing business along with the potential of Pakistan IT sector to the Global Markets. The world is moving from a global economy to a knowledge economy and we all have to be ready for the future. Pakistan’s overall economic outlook undergoes various loopholes. Its GDP growth rate is around 5.8 percent. Its per capita income is $1,600 and about 40pc of the country’s population lives below the poverty line.

Against this backdrop, fostering a knowledge economy is extremely important. This is the age of information technology, which is an incredibly worthy source of the knowledge economy. It consumes and produces on the basis of intellectual capital, where technology and rapid information access play a key role in economic development and growth taking superiority over traditional drivers of growth.

The Summit has a long list of sponsors who are outstanding in their own field. Recently, Salsoft Technologies was announced as our Platinum sponsor for the event. Salsoft Technologies is a an IT company that help brands expand themselves by using advanced technological tools along with expert assistance to help them reach new horizons. The company has managed to progress incredibly since its inception and is known as one of the biggest IT companies in Pakistan today.

What is CxO Global Forum?

The CxO Global Forum Network is an emerging knowledge-sharing platform of Global Thought Leaders for all C-Level The forum is to get global exposure especially in digital transformation & innovation around the globe. It is the largest Corporate Outreach Forum and has currently 400+ members globally.

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