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S4Digital launches low-code practice in Pakistan, India & Brazil

S4Digital's low-code initiative is based on Mendix.

Low-code is taking over traditional software development. S4 Digital’s low-code is based on Mendix. 

S4Digital is an independent Global Business & Technology Consulting company that focuses on Smart Sourcing, Software Solutions, and Program Management. They bring together talented people and best-in-breed technological solutions to accelerate and enable successful Digital Transformation across complex business and technological landscapes.

Keeping its vision alive, S4Digital is always taking initiatives to ignite change with the help of innovation and information technology. S4Digital is enabling digital transformation. And now they are going to take an initiative in Pakistan, which make digital transformation more accessible. S4Digital is going to start a low-code practice in Pakistan.

Low code has erupted in the past few years and has a strong dominance over the software industry. Businesses have increased their adoption of low code applications to build applications faster, improve their competitive edge, and continue the process of integrating digital technologies to transform a business.

Low-code is an industry that is taking over traditional software development. Gartner recently released a report, which states that low code was a $13 billion industry in 2021. It is gradually growing fast with time.

Low-Code Development Technologies Revenue (Millions of U.S. Dollars)


2020 2021
Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP)


4,448.2 5,751.6
Intelligent Business Process Management Suites


2,694.9 2,891.6

Multi experience Development Platforms (MDXP)




Robotic Process Automation (RPA)




Citizen Automation and Development Platform (CADP)




Other Low-Code Development (LCD) Technologies*




Overall 9,152.6



*Other LCD technologies include rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools and rapid application development (RAD) tools. Low-code is the evolution of RAD to cloud and SaaS models. Note that Gartner defines a no-code application platform as an LCAP that only requires text entry for formulae or simple expressions. The LCAP market, therefore, includes no-code platforms. Furthermore, “no-code” is not a sufficient criterion for tasks like citizen development. As many complex tooling configuration tasks are no code but still require specialist skills. Columns may not add to totals shown because of rounding. 

Source: Gartner (February 2021)

Low-code is taking over traditional software development. S4 Digital’s low-case is based on Mendix.

For this purpose, they are hiring fresh graduates. They are also running their on-campus recruitment drive with several top-ranked universities in Pakistan. Which will play an important role in identifying the real young talent of Pakistan.

As for the process, they will be part of a four week Bootcamp for all the members. This camp will be fully funded by S4Digital.  The participants will also get certifications, all the costs will be covered by S4Digital.

In conclusion, we hope to witness this game-changer initiative playing a vital role in the digital transformation of Pakistan.

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