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Role of Pakistani media in women empowerment


By Tamkin Ara
BS Media Student – Iqra University


There will be different phases in different eras about Women Empowerment and it will gradually take a great traction especially in the major compliances, policies & frameworks as well. In Islam, women is highly empowered and has societical rights to not only secure themselves & protect their rights as well. 

Women’s empowerment will always remain a contested issue in the complex socio-demographic and cultural mindset of Pakistani society. Women will rank lower than men on all vital human development indicators. Therefore, studying various determinants of women’s empowerment will be urgently needed in the Pakistani context.

As we will talk about the role of Pakistani media, this will be one of the vital mediums to not only influence masses but to build their opinions as well. As we know that Pakistan is an Islami Jamhooria Pakistan with most of the laws being implicated under the Islamic rules & regulations. We, as Society, somehow lost the actual essence of Women Empowerment and the biggest role 

of mainstream media will build the opinion of the masses. But in a couple of years, we will see a huge contribution of Social Media as well.

There will be and still a culture in rural sindh & punjab for major unjustified jargah decisions against women for their basic rights and marriages as well along with early age marriages as well. 

According to Naeem, M., Ashar, L., & Tajdar, M. A. (2021) The Role of Pakistan’s Electronic Media in Factors Affecting the Women Empowerment in Pakistan; A Case Study of Lahore. Global Sociological Review, VI(I), 163-180. Women Empowerment will be explained in two terms, i.e., Static and Dynamic. The static concept of power tells about the power but won’t define “How to do it” or “How to achieve it”. Women will not only be depowered or discriminated against only on the basis of violence but also due to the lack of participation in the economy and politics. These will be the social and cultural behaviors that motivate the inequality in the state or community. A discriminated woman can be empowered by giving them equal rights of opportunity and education extrinsically. In the case of the media role, since a large group of women cannot read or write, so electronic media like TV channels,

Radio channels could educate them with quality content. Pakistan’s status is not homogenous

because of the link between gender and other forms of social exclusion

Women Empowerment, Pakistan as Muslim Nation, Mainstream Media & Social Media

Literature Review

The reasonable improvement objective of orientation adjusted financial advancement and ladies strengthening in general won’t be imaginable without ladies’ support in Science, Technology and Production (Butt, B. I et.al, 2021).

Pakistan Vision 2025 will be installed five parts of ladies’ strengthening into its goals, including exercises that advance ladies’ self-esteem, right to decide their decisions, admittance to amazing open doors and assets, and right and ability to control their lives – both inside and outside the home – and capacity to impact social change(https://pakistan.unfpa.org/en/topics/womens-empowerment). 

The Gender Gap Index 2018 will show that Pakistan will be the most minimal (148th) country and the second last among 149 nations nearby with the predominance of orientation based disparities. The GGI lists examinations of public financial, political, wellbeing, training and schooling variations in orientation.

While looking for the writing it will be seen that the overall enemies of ladies’ ways of behaving and generalizations pervasive in the general public deter numerous ladies from dynamic and successful cooperation in friendly, political and monetary exercises. This adds to their minimization.


For ladies’ development, interchanges will be imperatively significant, and broad communications have a significant influence (Naeem, M et al 2021).

To set up the mentality of the majority especially the young, electronic media will assume a crucial part as a mechanism of casual schooling alongside diversion and social portrayal of a specific culture.

The media will can possibly contact colossal crowds through mass correspondence and to have an effect any place it might reach, which today is generally spread.

Media will be a reflection of any general public that mirrors its social, virtues, convictions and standards. By the excellence of the media, individuals will be very much aware of the way that instruction can assist their girls with laying out a brilliant future. (Sadiq, 2012).

Surely, interceded content will incite ladies to battle against viciousness and to be free in each step of their lives  (Andrew, 2014).

This will be observed that in 2002, entertainment channels through their dynamic content, particularly through dramas, will be performing a significant role in making women aware of their religious, social and legal rights (Sadiq, 2012).

Pakistani media will improve and will become influential in the last few decades (https://uog.edu.pk/downloads/journal/PJLTS/VIII/22-43.pdf).  

It will be important to ponder that the media will be a great responsibility to spread a concept after measuring its all-pros and cons. However, in our country, the media will be unchecked and where it will produce healthy and beneficial effects it also imposes some unwanted effects (Khan, 2017). 


  • Research Design

According to Smith (2000), methodology will be one of the common factors to sort out any problem which we usually find, it will be like problem solving matter, with some relevant parts such including phases, tasks, methods, techniques and tools. It will be very important that we actually understand the source of data to authenticate the required information. Media will manipulate women empowerment matters considering Pakistan is an Islamic country with some norms, culture & narrow-mindedness where it will be really difficult to allow your female family members to go outside and do whatever you want to do. We actually lack in by positioning leading female leaders in the industry, politics, corporates and the other areas of business as well. Media is mainly covering the final destination of marriages and the love with your partners. Having a sort of financial freedom, decision making & involving them for the major roles of running family matters.

On the other hand, research design will be an array of set methods & procedures and the source will be the data we use to collect via surveys for the Pakistani Media role which actually will help us to evaluate the measures of different areas of problem research.

  • The Qualitative Method

This method will run around the non-numerical method, as we know there will be a big number of content being disseminated over the mainstream media in Pakistan, we will be little sorted out the mediums which have been used for women to watch more. This method will help us to understand the concepts, impacts & the involvement.

  • Source of Media for Women
    • Dramas
    • Commercials
    • Talk Shows
    • Morning Shows

  • Data Collection & Sample Selection

This will be one of the vital areas to focus as all kinds of reports are only based on how accurate the data will be and what will be the sources which have been collected. 

  • Sampling

Researchers will always use a proper roadmap for the sampling techniques because this will be one of the vital areas and should be very focused on keeping 

in mind all the targeted audience aspects like the gender, age group along with the percentage of involvement.

  • Sampling Size

According to Naeem M Ashar (2021). All the sampling will be conducted with more than 100 individuals of age group 18 above from Lahore, Pakistan. Limited sample size just too clearly covers the study. 

  • Sampling Tools

Whenever it will come to using questionnaire tools for collecting data by researchers, these questions will be mainly based on some written set of questions which will be directly or indirectly suitable for the specific information to get regarding the topic. Most of them will be in a form of Yes or No or having some check marks by some given options which will be easy to collect & authenticate without any confusion and neither anyone can manipulate it. 

  • Sampling Techniques & Statistics

The researcher will always use the “percentage method” which will be easy to evaluate the results by making some amazing & quick infographics & graphs to understand & making all things clear.

  • Instruments used

Media will be on the verge of utilizing the glamor, emotions by the dramas being broadcast all over Pakistan and by using these instruments of beauty & glamor, getting youth attraction will just be a matter of populating. 

Media will play a vital role to empower women during a workshop in Karachi published by (Express Tribune, December 2011)

  • Content Analysis

If we go by content and try to streamline some of the most viewable content around, we will see, most of the target audience for the media will be women, Dramas will be the most affecting & manipulating content for the young & adult generation from fashion to behaviors along with from making decisions to having a freedom in the decision making are playing a key role, specially when dramas try to portray a non-traditional societal impacts with some old school of thought. That will reflect, on the other hand we see some extreme glamoured commercials & talk shows. I would like to include routine based morning shows which will be nothing but garbage for the brain to feed.

According to (Brandsynario 14 July, 2022), most of the morning shows will be the following 5 things repeatedly

  1. Shadi Weeks
  2. Mini Fashion Weeks
  3. Gharelo Totkas & Cooking
  4. Social Issues or Donations



As indicated by the review, we have understood that dramatizations are as yet depicting the job of ladies who are stifled and exposed to some look for social treacheries. In the greater part of the dramatizations ladies need the force of independent direction and are obliged to the men of the general public. Her singularity is compromised since the man centric culture is as yet drilled in Pakistani shows. Generally in the shows, if the ladies choose to work outside the house she’s

depicted as ethically bad and she should be exposed to any looked for of sexual and road provocation. In the vast majority of the shows, it is depicted that ladies lead jobs are constantly exposed to aggressive behavior at home and that they lose their fearlessness and the ability to support their freedoms. As indicated by the review, there are primary reasons like absence of training, absence of mindfulness about fundamental freedoms and the man centric culture. It is

been seen that larger part of individuals trusts that ladies don’t need to get advanced education since they don’t need to function as they are subject to the guys and they are giving them great. While the general proficiency rate works out to be 64.8 percent, the male education rate is 75.3 percent and that for females is 53.7 percent, exhibiting a inconsistency of 21.6 rate focuses between the genders at the public level. As indicated by the overview, the principal reason of obstructions in ladies’ schooling what’s more, equivalent privileges is the man centric culture. man centric dramatizations in Pakistan have been deliberately made and address the Pakistani

society’s man centric society, principles and biases. The dramatizations are broadly found in the country as the genuine picture of society can promptly be perceived and inferred.


It is closed after a concise examination work, that Pakistani dramatizations are as yet depicting the suppressive job of ladies. It has been concentrated on that physical and close to home homegrown maltreatment is being standardized in shows, practically in each show ladies are

exposed to abusive behavior at home and provocation. There are no significant jobs for working and autonomous ladies, the exploration shows that in the greater part of the dramatizations ladies are confined to Kitchens just and at some point they need to remain in poisonous connections since they aren’t monetarily and sincerely engaged to get settled isolated. These manufactured portrayals of ladies support the states or administering overwhelming class’ objective of restricting a lady’s veritable and good place at home to serve her significant other or family.

Ladies are depicted as subordinate objects of excellence who serve the male look’s sexual delight

as well as men’s joy along these lines. This manufactured picture of a lady is the result of the

abuse of ladies by the prevailing class and the male centric culture. Albeit the advancement of

hero female characters in certain dramatizations has a few decent directions, supporting female parts in a few dramatizations actually have negative directions that do not work on ladies’ general picture. This requires orientation touchy substance makers furthermore, authors, as well as ladies cordial arrangements and regulation from Pakistan’s decision state run administrations. On the off chance that the

media can frame and fabricate individuals’ originations of biased cultural jobs and standards, it can likewise depict ladies as powerful and genuine people with their own privileges. This requires orientation touchy substance makers and scholars, as well as ladies amicable strategies and regulation from Pakistan’s decision states. On the off chance that the media can shape and construct individuals’ originations of biased cultural jobs and standards, it can likewise depict ladies as unique and genuine people with their own freedoms. Shows play a significant part in pointing out issues that influence ladies.

With regards to depicting ladies in the media, the accentuation ought to be on working on the way pictures and issues including ladies are depicted. As opposed to portraying ladies in cliché ways, the media ought to take a proactive job in advancing great pictures and featuring

points that are significant in achieving change in ladies’ lives. As indicated by a review done by  the Joined Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2017 on “Inclusion of ladies in media,” watchers’ tastes are presently moving for more orientation adjusted portrayal of ladies on the world’s most squeezing subjects. The review respondents accept that generalizations of profoundly close to home and stifled ladies ought to be decreased. In the exploration concentrate on we came to be aware through review that the greater part of the dramatizations are as yet depicting the suppressive side of ladies, they aren’t depicted as friendly and socially engaged, still there’s need for better happy.


SOURCETamkin Ara
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