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Rebel Foods Expands Cloud Kitchen with Foodpanda as Delivery Partner


In a recent development, Rebel Foods announced that it will be expanding its virtual restaurant network in multiple Asian countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Bangladesh. With Foodpanda as its official delivery partner, Rebel Foods plans to develop its own virtual restaurants as well including Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, The Biryani Life, Lunchbox, and Honest Bowl in Asian markets where Foodpanda already operates.

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Rebel and Foodpanda partners in late 2019. Initially, Rebel brands were expanded to six markets but due to the pandemic, their expansion plans couldn’t be carried out. However, with the drop in covid cases, the expansion plans are back up. Rebel Foods has more than 2000 outlets where each brand’s virtual restaurant is considered an outlet. The restaurants are listed on the online ordering platforms and function as delivery-only.

These virtual kitchens will help restaurants generate more revenue and gain popularity through Rebel Foods and Foodpanda’s online platform. Foodpanda is a Germany-based delivery platform that serves 115, 000 platforms and is prevalent in 12 Asian markets.

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