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Qureos Announces Launch of Operations In Pakistan


 Qureos, the Dubai-based edtech company, announced that it will start its operations in Pakistan as the company has raised $3 million in a pre-seed round.

The pre-seed funding round was led by Dubai-based early-stage VC COTU Ventures and New York-based early-stage VC Colle Capital “to fast track growth and democratize ‘learn to earn’ opportunities for talent globally”.

The round was joined by Globivest, Plutus21 Capital, Dubai Angel Investors, and AlZayani Venture Capital. Angel investors that participated include current and former leaders of Swvl, Boston Consulting Group, Moelis and Company, Careem, Cisco Systems, Koinz, Message Bird, Bain and Company, Hiperpool, ADNOC, QIA, and other unnamed individuals.

Co-founder of Qureos, Usama Nini, explaining the need of tapping Pakistani talent, said, “The problem is not that talent does not exist. What we believe in is that there is no dearth of talent but it is not optimized. The three things that a graduate or someone who is switching careers needs are merits, a good network and experience.”

He further added that it has set out to solve these three problems through experiential learning from mentors from Google, PayPal and Cisco type of bigwig companies on the platform. The learning is based on a case-study method, giving the ability to apprentices to implement academic education in real-world scenarios, making Qureos an edtech startup.

Social media management, product management and content marketing are some of the skills Qureos teaches on its platform. On the other hand, businesses that have subscribed to Qureos services recruit these apprentices based on their requirements, making it a hiring marketplace.

The imparting of experiential learning improves a candidate’s chances of success in a job and reduces the burden for businesses that comes with continuously looking for candidates with the right skills.

While it only connects businesses with prospective candidates for employment, it plans to manage payrolls and other services for its clients in the near future.

According to Qureos, it has been able to grow substantially because of the network effects of the platform. It claims to have more than 25,000 apprentices in more than 130 countries and works with businesses such as Agility, Roche, Polygon and DHL.

The startup makes money through a subscription-based model for apprentices and businesses. Mentors on the platform are paid for their services, with a cut for Qureos for connecting them with apprentices.

With the fresh funding, the startup eyes expansion into Pakistan where it will be actively onboarding businesses to enable them to recruit apprentices. “Qureos plans to invest heavily in the country to create one million learning opportunities and facilitate over 100,000 jobs within the next 3 years,” read a statement from the company.


Expanding its network in Pakistan

Founded in August 2021 by Alexander Epure, Mehrad Yaghmai and Usama Nini, Queros started off to accelerate careers by making mentorship more accessible. According to a company statement, it received validation at Dubai Future Accelerators to solve the skill gap in the transition from campus to the workplace and in between jobs.

Qureos also plans to expand its team in Pakistan where over 50 per cent of the company’s currentworkforce resides. It plans to use this investment to build product-led operations and expand its remote-first team with a focus on hiring talent for its offices in the UAE, Pakistan as well as India.

With 29 per cent of the population between the age of 15 to 29, Pakistan is an ideal country to focus on in line with the company’s mission to accelerate 100 million careers.

“We believe that new learning models like Qureos, which combine cohort-based, synchronous education with community, are going to become more mainstream and disrupt traditional players,” said Amir Farha – Founder and Managing Partner at COTU Ventures.

Victoria Grace, founder and managing partner at Colle Capital said: “We see tremendous opportunity in Qureos’ mission to bridge knowledge gaps and upskill professionals through leveraging the extraordinary pathway with direct mentorship.”

Certainly, this platform provides a fantastic opportunity for highly skilled individuals to directly monetize their knowledge base, compounded by distinct network effects, and for companies to access high quality and motivated pool of talent.”

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